Celluloid Cellar Door

cell n.
Partly a borrowing from Latin. Partly a borrowing from French. Etymons: Latin cella; French cel.
b. A room for one or more inmates in a prison. Formerly also: a similar room in an asylum
cel n.
A transparent sheet of celluloid or similar film materia.
cell n.
early 12c., “small monastery, subordinate monastery” (from Medieval Latin in this sense), later “small room for a monk or a nun in a monastic establishment; a hermit’s dwelling” (c. 1300), from Latin cella “small room, store room, hut,” related to Latin celareto hide, conceal.”
lull v.
b. fig. To become quiescent or inactive.
b. esp. To quiet (suspicion) by deception; to delude into a sense of security.
loi n. French: Law.
oi int. n.
Used to attract attention. Also used to express objection or annoyance.
d (dāleth, also spelled Daleth or Daled) is the fourth letter of the Semitic abjads – Hebrew ‘Dālet ד
represents lowliness and the consciousness of possessing nothing of one’s own. As a door Dalet also symbolically represents the choice to open ourselves to the hope of our dreams or to remain closed off and alienated.
oocomb. form
Of or relating to eggs or ova.
Oor colloq Used familiarly with a person’s name to denote a relative, friend, or acquaintance of the speaker
R Resh, the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
The Modern Hebrew name for this letter is resh, a Hebrew word meaning “head.” Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek agree that the sound for this letter is an “r.” .
loid n. Criminals’ slang
A celluloid strip used by thieves to force open a spring lock. Also attrib. Also as v. trans., to break open (a lock) by this method; to let (oneself) in by this method.

Celluloid Cellar Door

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